Oregon News: Wakeup call for Product Liability of pesticides

ODA orders Stop Sale, Use or Removal of pesticide product ‘Guardian’

Oregon Department of Agriculture recently ordered the maker of the pesticide Guardian to stop all sales. They also advised everyone, including cannabis retailers, not to sell this product until further research. They are looking at potential human health concerns associated with the use of this product.

The impact to growers, processors and retailers is very real and significant. If any product has serious health concerns every company associated with that cannabis is liable. Colorado courts are looking at this issue now with a fungicide used to kill mites, Eagle 20.

This might be a simple labeling problem with Oregon’s Pesticide Law but this should be a wakeup call for the Cannabis Industry everywhere to protect themselves. If a customer gets sick, they have a Product Liability case.

Coverage for Product Liability is not available from some insurance companies. Other providers do offer it but it must be requested. Please find out if your policy covers this growing risk.

Link to Oregon Department of Agriculture News

Link to Product Liability case in Colorado