Dept of Health advises Gov: no change to MMJ Scheduling

Washington State Department of Health just released their report to the Governor: Information Summary and Recommendation РMedical Marijuana Scheduling Options. After vetoing two sections of the SB 5052 last year, Governor Inslee requested the Dept. to look into the matter further and report back.

Their report back: Do nothing.

In their press release they outlined their reasoning:

After thoroughly considering several options, assessing public comment and discussing with the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission, the department recommends making no changes at this time for the following reasons:

  • Medical and recreational users currently have adequate access to marijuana despite its designation as a Schedule I controlled substance.
  • Federal designation of marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance complicates implementation of any meaningful state change and renders many options merely symbolic.
  • Re-scheduling or de-scheduling marijuana would require significant revisions to state laws and rules; further complicate and confuse the currently evolving regulatory system; and potentially cause the federal government to intervene.

My question is: does an announcement of inaction from the government constitute an actual action by the government?